The Guthrie Dinner Theater Company

The Guthrie Dinner Theater Company is an extension of Terriney TV, which provides Christian programs, theater shows and videos for children. The Theater company fully encompasses entertainment that is best described as one-stop-shop. Basically, with a single ticket, you are experience a dynamic stage play, stand-up comedy, spoken word, live music as well as a free dinner (which includes dessert). There is no other venue within the greater Atlanta area that is able to offer such an exclusive package to its patrons. There are no memberships to purchase, nor will you be forced to sit through subpar performances.

Once you enter into a Guthrie Dinner Theater event, you will be transported to a Vaudeville-esque time, where entertainment was king and value was expected. Your senses will be granted a schmorgesborg that will certainly bring great enjoyment with a hint of intrigue.

It is the express desire of Guthrie Dinner Theater to build and cultivate a rotating abundance of classic as well as modern plays. This will definitively afford local talent a wealth of performance and exposure opportunities. The Guthrie Dinner Theater will be the connecting bridge between the audience and the actor, the musicians and more.

There is a great deal that the community has to offer, and the Guthrie Dinner Theater intends to be the canvas. Over time, the theater will certainly expand into a repository to offer of major work within the greater Atlanta area. Given that Guthrie Dinner Theater is the fundraising arm for Terriney TV, Inc. the theater will be able to extend the teaching of God’s word through an array of music, arts and entertainment.

With EVERY ticket purchased, you will receive a full course meal and dessert. This is not a gimmick nor is it a limited time offer. Generally there are two shows, a matinee show that begins at 12 Noon and an Evening show that begins promptly at 7 pm. At the Guthrie Dinner Theater you are presented with a true overall entertainment experience. It is an optimal destination for a date night, group outing or simply an opportunity to make new friends while experiencing the arts. Not to mention, where else will you be able to experience, an abundant array of entertainment genres with dinner for ONE BUDGET-FRIENDLY PRICE?