Your budget-friendly reservation includes a dynamic stage play, dinner & dessert, complimentary wine, live music, stand up comedy and spoken word poetry - Atlanta's One-stop-shop for theatergoers

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Money, greed, power and deception fuel the tempers  of  a privileged empire.  Rose toils to save one side of her family while watching a lifetime of secrets destroy the other.  Mother's Day 2018, only at Guthrie Dinner Theater

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The Ambiance

Once you enter into the walls of the Guthrie, you will be transported to a Vaudeville-esque time, where entertainment was king and value was expected.  We are a mobile theater company where our performance locations are that of midscale dining.  As our live band croon you over into the main performance, your senses will be granted a smorgasbord that will bring great enjoyment to your palette with a hint of intrigue. 

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"I liked it all; the band the poet, and the play were really good, I'm definitely coming back!"
M. Manning
" I liked how the director greeted everyone that came through the door; she made sure everyone was okay, that meant a lot."

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