About The Director

Terriney Guthrie’s inspirational journey is surely one to take notice of. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Terriney knew from early childhood that she wanted to develop artistic performances. Whether she was creating signature dance moves for her third grade music performance at Agnes Scott College or conceptualizing an all-girls singing group in high school, she knew that this would be the foundation of her passion to entertain audiences.

While studying digital film making in college, she asked God to ‘use her’.  While attending church one Sunday morning, there was a gentle inner-voice that set Terriney’s quest for theater and television into motion.  Encouraged by this gentle whisper to not only teach kids about God but to also make it funny, Terriney began penning a series of comedic story-lines for children which inspired two children’s television titles, Playin’ Church, 2008 and Faith Academy, 2012.  It was then that  Terriney TV was born.  


On the set of Terriney TV filming Faith Academy with DOP, Mitchell Lipsiner

After becoming a certified producer with People TV,  a local public TV station in Atlanta, Terriney ran Playin’ Church kids’ show every week during her time slot. After that run, she sought to broaden her audience in hopes of writing another kids comedy, which meant future shows would have to be of good quality and  hold more production value.  Out of those desires she wrote Terriney TV’s Faith Academy to run online on Cross TV.

On the Set of Playin’ Church-Historic Lynwood Park Church-Brookhaven, GA

This show caught the attention of TBN’s children’s division, Smile of a Child, which gave birth to her next few projects. This round will be a series of short  comedic skits  that will help reinforce biblical Sunday School Lessons.  To help cushion the financial demands of media production, Terriney developed two promotional concepts as fundraising arms for Terriney TV. One would be the Funnel Cake Shoppe, where she makes funnel cakes from scratch and sell them at events across Atlanta at youth football games, neighborhood parades and even mall storefronts. The second would be Guthrie Dinner Theater where she puts so many entertainment genre’s on one ticket at such a low price, it’s hard for patrons to turn down.

Faith Academy Terriney TV Casting Call-Intercontinental Buckhead-Atlanta, GA

Terriney is constantly being summoned for content creation and has created instructional videos and comedic skits for authoritative entities.  In between productions she stays committed to using her gifts to uplift the Kingdom of God by volunteering and creating short Sunday School video lessons for their social media pages.  Terriney hopes to continue to draw fans to her work as she embarks on this spiritual journey that continues to shape a unique blend of comedy and spirituality.