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Guthrie Dinner Theater Acting Troupe

image courtesy of CalArts School of Theater

The Guthrie Theater Company is proud to announce auditions for our 2017-2018 season.  Here at Guthrie Dinner Theater, entertainment is king and we encourage you to join our royal court.  Lend your impeccable skills to a cause far greater than one person or one scene.  This is a theater company that represents a movement.  One of well-honed and crafted talent that has been ordained and blessed.  One that places emphasis on pure, raw talent that is primed and ready to be molded and showcased.   This a creative undertaking that is placing the royal court of artistry back into its castle for all to see and admire. Moreover, this is a company for those that are serious about their craft.  Could that be you?

Allow yourself an unlimited supply of opportunities, growth, and exposure as well as continued learning.   Become part of a royal family unlike any other.  Indulge in your creative senses with the challenges of making a character, a mood, a feeling, an aura all your own.

image courtesy of Seattle Magazine

With the Guthrie Theater Company, you will be taken seriously as an artist…..a craftsman…….the gifted individual that you are.  This is a company that understands the dedication and raw talent that is within every artist.  We respect the artistry at all levels and will provide a number of opportunities for that talent to be showcased and admired. 

Where else in the greater Atlanta area will you find yourself able to perform in creatively challenging and invigorating productions, while expanding your skill set, gain notoriety and enhance your portfolio?

photo courtesy of Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, MN

Become a member of the entertainment family at Guthrie Dinner Theater Company today!

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