Atlanta Theater

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Although the wondrous city of Atlanta has had a long standing history in theater, the past decade has ushered in a tidal wave of talent and opportunity.  From Broadway musicals to locally based productions, the theater scene of this metropolis has an abundance to offer those with artistic talent as well as avid patrons of the arts.  The Fox Theater has an iconic presence within the city as well as a highly respected reputation for presenting award-winning Broadway musicals.  While the historic and highly acclaimed Alliance Theater provides patrons with productions that not only critically acclaimed but Tony Award winning as well.

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Those that have developed a love of the arts are able to find a kindred spirit rooted deep within the seams of Atlanta.  Those that are looking to be entertained and elevated to a higher awakening as well as those with the desire to share their talents have a home within the bosom of theater in Atlanta.  From world premieres to children’s shows to productions under noted with spirituality to theater classics, there is nothing that is not readily available within this melting pot of a city.

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Additionally, for those that may not have found themselves well-versed in the theatrical arts as of yet, the annual Atlanta Black Theatre Festival serves as the ideal gateway.  This avenue provides parents, friends and family the opportunity to share the beauty and creativity of the art with those near and dear to them further cementing the theater’s hold on the community at large.  Moreover, regardless of what your favorite genre of production may be, theater in Atlanta has something to offer that is ideal for you.

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