Married But Single Too! Review

Married but Single Too! Review

Married but Single Too! is the latest theatrical offering from the 2007 recipient of the Trailblazer Award, Jay’Caryous Johnson.  Johnson has swiftly risen to fame for his impeccable ability to transform bestselling novels into top selling theatrical masterpieces.  Many avid patrons of the theater may recognize Johnson from his record setting and critically acclaimed pieces such as: Things Your Man Won’t Do, Men, Money & Gold Diggers and For Love or Money.  With his latest play, he does not disappoint at all.  This is a play that is able to speak to the core of every man and woman living in this social media, barely monogamous world that we live in.

Married but Single Too! provides theatergoers with an intriguing, heartfelt and thrilling depiction of the trials and tribulations of love, marriage and all that falls in between the cracks.  Additionally, this is a play that thoroughly follow Sharon Wilson (LisaRaye McCoy) as she allows her delusions to guide her in regards to her celebrity husband, Julian Johnson.  Julian allows his easy access to groupies to preoccupy his thoughts and fidelity.  Due to his consistent seduction rituals, Sharon finds herself on the receiving end of broken promises, excuses and deceit.  Given that she is famished for respect and love, and ex, Jackson (Robert C. Riley) makes a return appearance in her life.  This time, her ex shows her what a respectful, loyal, endearing companion is supposed to bring to the table and serve a woman.

After three years of marriage, it is Sharon that finds herself “married but single” and stepping out after years of fighting off mistresses and pleading with her husband.  Overall, the play sheds light on the real fact that people can share a name, a marriage certificate and be worlds apart.  A woman that has ever found herself at a crossroads or been the recipient of excuses, needs to purchase a ticket today.  Additionally, men need to see this incredible production as a means of preventative maintenance for their own relationships.

Throughout the journey, lives are changed eternally as hearts break and heal.  The story is beautifully and artistically brought to life by a stellar cast that includes the following:


  • Carl Payne (Martin)
  • Clifton Powell (Friday After Next)
  • LisaRaye McCoy (Single Ladies)
  • Chrisette Michelle (sing/songwriter and RnB Divas Los Angeles)
  • Robert C. Riley (Hit the Floor)
  • La’Myia Good (Video Girl)
  • Skye Griffen
  • Samson Logan (Breathe)
  • Terrell Carter (Think Like a Man Too)

Those that have had the pleasure of seeing the play as it makes its rounds about the country contend that their eyes and hearts have been opened and enlightened.  This is nothing new in regards to a Johnson play.  He brings a bit of his own turbulent and trying younger days into each of his plays.  This is how he is able to reach the masses and invoke change through his art, one patron at a time.  With Married but Single Too! Johnson has taken a bulldozer to infidelity that bears the fruit of conversation and change within any and all that view it.

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