Christian T-Shirts Company is the fundraising arm at Terriney TV and your purchase today will help Christian directors create faith-based television shows and online media for kids. (Shop Now)    

Christian TV for kids will never be the same again. Enhanced Sunday School Lessons reinforced through comedic online media for kids.   Click here to watch the show! 

Spot us around Atlanta frying up hot delicious funnel cakes made from scratch including real fruit toppings and all the powdered sugar your heart desires. 

Unfortunately, nowadays TV shows and online programs are filled with violence, pre-marital sex, witchcraft and other overly mature inappropriate story-lines. As parents, we are left without a lot of wholesome alternatives 

for our children on mass media.  This is where Terriney TV comes in. We are here to help encourage children, through videos, television and stage productions to live under the authority of Jesus Christ.(read more)

"Being a part of the cast was fun and Ms. Terriney is so nice. I want to be on the next show!"
T. Justice
She said we were going to be extras and now I have speaking lines.
Leon C.

Thanks  to our parent volunteers who support Terriney TV programs and our fundraising efforts. to make it all happen. From replying to the casting call to rehearsals to filming on the set. Thank you your dedication and allowing your children to participate in   delivering Gods word to other children in such a unique way. CONTACT US