Terriney TV & Performing Arts

Terriney TV’s Faith Academy What on earth did Cody do to Mrs. Goofenhauser?  Watch this full comedic mini-episode, a Sunday School lesson  that teaches kids about faith and God’s timing.

What’s on TV for Kids? Unfortunately, nowadays TV shows and online programs are filled with violence, pre-marital sex, witchcraft and other overly mature inappropriate story-lines.

As parents, we are left without a lot of wholesome alternatives for our children on mass media.  This is where Terriney TV comes in. We are here to help encourage children, through comedic television and stage productions, to live under the authority of Jesus Christ.

Our immediate goal is to raise the funds necessary to cover the full production cost of more comical Sunday School Lessons for TV & online. Competing with main stream children’s television with huge Hollywood budgets is not an easy task for independent directors.  Although profits from our dinner theater shows help cushion the cost of production, we are still a long way from reaching our goal to create quality videos.

We Need your Help-Parents and their children volunteer  their time, energy and talents to help ensure the success of our programs. When you purchase a dinner theater ticket you are contributing a huge part in helping children view our programs all over the world. 100% of the proceeds go towards the production of Terriney TV programs.

We have an opportunity to deliver the Good News and connect with children all over the world through shows that entertain in a whole new way. Terriney TV programs have broadcast on Comcast via People TV and we are looking to partner with them again to expand our reach. You may watch an episode of your first show, Terriney TV’s Faith Academy at the top of this page or on Cross TV.