Terriney TV

Christian Media for Kids - We make Sunday School Lessons FUN!!

Stage Play, Free Dinner & Dessert, Live Band, Stand-Up Comedy and Spoken word Poetry all on one budget-friendly ticket!  Local actors lend their time and talent to help raise funds to cover filming expenses.

Fun-raising Funnel Cakes

Selling delicious funnel cakes across the city of Atlanta is one way to raise production funds to film episodes of Terriney TV's c omedic skits and programs

Terriney TV is a non-profit media organization that creates Christian TV and media for children.  We reinforce Sunday School Lessons; we make it FUN!

Some of the companies that support us

"We need more online programs like Terriney TV. Not a lot of programs out there that encourages kids to follow Jesus"."
T. Simone
"It's about time I found something that doesn't include degrading parents or make them look lame. These programs are funny."