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Finding family friendly entertainment in Atlanta can be difficult, and many of the solutions are quite pricey, or doesn't satisfy everybody’s demands.  Guthrie Dinner Theater is the exception to that rule; with the purchase of each ticket you and your family can experience an incredible stage play, spoken word, stand-up comedy, and even live music. Better yet, the ticket price also includes the price of a dinner with dessert! 

Theater Goals

The Guthrie Dinner Theater Company strives to cultivate a wide variety of both classic and modern plays, and use these performances to create a connection between the audience and the performers.

Performances at the Guthrie Dinner Theater generally occur twice a year with  a matinee showing around noontime and an evening show at 7pm. With the variety of shows, plus convenient showtimes, the theater is great for a date night, outing with friends, a family get-together, or even for going out solo with the hopes of meeting new people.

The Food

Many “dinner-theater” venues may offer great entertainment with subpar food, or maybe vice-versa. This is not the case with the Guthrie Dinner Theater company. The entertainment is always excellent; only the best area actors and talents are selected to perform. The food is incredible; you won’t leave hungry after a hearty meal of Guthrie Fried Chicken or Chicken Pasta, paired with two delicious side dishes and of course a dessert. 

Up Next at Guthrie Dinner Theater

The Plot: Nick has a colorful past—maybe a little too colorful, actually. Now on the day of his wedding to Megan, the chaos of his former life comes crashing through the door, leaving Megan to pick up the pieces.

In addition to the stage play, you will enjoy a full course dinner & dessert, standup comedian, live music, and spoken-word poetry. Reserve your table here

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